Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Japan Day 3: Mount Fuji & Lake Kawaguchi

Alrighty folks! Today I traveled in bus for almost 3 hours from Osaka to somewhere near (not really near) Mount Fuji. Before that, it's lunch again (breakfast before depart)! Let's dine in this popular restaurant.

Gotenba Kameya is most well-known for their Soba/Udon with some side dishes such as tempura (shrimp, cuttle fish, seasonal vegetables), grilled salmon, rolled omelette, boiled sweet beans, stewed vegetables and pickles with rice served, too.

In Gotemba, Shizuoka Prefecture, there is a "stupa Fuji Peace Park," which centered on the Indian style Buddhist architecture in Japan has changed remarkably. Stupa in chalk, the stupa was sent from the first late Prime Minister Nehru of India (the remains on the Buddha) are paid. Front of the stupa, backward, to the right and left side of the golden statue of Buddha are respectively equipped atmosphere, the birthplace of Buddhism in India comes through. Peace Park is also famous as the cherry blossom, "Yoshino cherry tree" and "weeping cherry".
If you are lucky enough you may enjoy the scenic spots of Mount Fuji but unfortunately it drizzled on my visit. So disappointing! I set my camera ready to at least snap but failed.

Gotemba Premium Outlets is the flagship center, and one of the largest centers in Japan with 210 renowned domestic and overseas brand. It is situated on an extensive site within view of World Cultural Heritage site, Mount Fuji.
Mount Fuji playing peekaboo.
Hella crowded!
Fuji Subaru Line 5th Station
The Fuji Subaru Line 5th Station provides parking lots, coin lockers and a few restaurants and shops, as it is the last chance for departing climbers to stock up on supplies at reasonable prices before they head out. The end of the Fuji Subaru Line is close enough to grab the summit of Mount Fuji. It's a great spot for sightseeing. Remember, the weather can change drastically within seconds so remember to put on your jacket/hoodie/windbreaker. 
 Enjoy the panoramic view from 5th Station of Mount Fuji
The strong wind can be pretty intense so do keep yourself warm or grab a fresh hot corn from the shop.

Finally we checked-in to our hotel and this is the BEST view of Mount Fuji. I sleep & wake up with this view, believe it or not?! How amazing and how lucky that we finally can see Mount Fuji clearly.
Sunset view of Mount Fuji *heavy breathing*
Our hotel
 After dinner or before sleep, you can simply enjoy the natural hot spring provided in the hotel. Just go whenever you like and don't be shy. Remember to shower from head to toe before entering the holy water.
End my night doing mask while sitting on the massage chair. Pure relaxation! Goodnight~

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